Influence Of Luxury Bags On Women And Relationships

bolidegardenpartyEven though many luxury brands are raising the prices of their products, a recent study by Euromonitor tells us sales of high-branded goods grew by about 3% in the past years annually. This might mean individuals are spending more and more on highly-priced products but it also might mean people are buying more goods from so-called budget-friendly luxury brands. There are many luxury brands to speak of: Gucci bags or Celine bags are surely two high-branded profiles in the industry of fashion bags.

Generally speaking, luxury products are signaling high position or sometimes just a great taste and symbol of personality. At this point, experts are able to estimate why people, especially women, are driven to desire this kind of products. It doesn’t mean if the woman is having a desire for a Duffle bag or Miche bag, what matters is – value. Hermes stated there are three determinants of value that usually may affect collectibles: desirability, condition and rarity.

Assuming Hermes’ analysis is proper, it would mean this is a signal that the signaling system will stay probably practical for upcoming years, as women are becoming more financially independent, and as well, they will be able to buy expensive items for themselves.

On the other side, over 60% percent of women believe expensive items like Louis Vuitton bags are signaling to other women that their husband cares about them, while over 50% women believe an expensive item is displaying a sign of their husband’s commitment. As expected, a woman wearing expensive clothes and bags is perceived by other women as having a very devoted partner than a woman wearing low-brand goods and items. This strategy is actually very effective, as it seems because women don’t pursue guys who are already devoted to another woman.

There are different ways to spot a fake luxury handbag. Here are a couple of tips how to spot a fake bag. In the first place, luxury bags are made of quality materials and with proper lining, embossing codes and features. For example, if you bought a Gucci bag, you should know the Gucci’s logo should line up symmetrically. Every single Dior bag come with a white cotton bag with gray writing. The serial no. is located on the label. Generally speaking, fit and finish is a key. A luxury bag never will have sloppy sewing or seams, even inside. If the leather isn’t have as it should be, your bag may be fake.

Americans spend over USD 250 billion on luxury for women every year, with the average woman buying three new bags every single year. That’s probably unnecessary as a good bag will last for years. By some studies, a designer bag or high-end items in general can play a great role in a romantic relationship.

For some people, it may be an issue to travel with their luxury bags. Depending on the destination, many people do not even think about bringing any of theirs expensive items or high-labeled brands with them. As luxury bags are usually large, heavy and always – expensive, it may be tempting to place them in checked baggage. That’s why it’s better to go for a cheap bag when traveling on a long distance.