How To Save On A Designer Bag

It happens on a regular basis that women get so caught up in planning the perfect outfit they are going to wear so they completely forget about the accessories. And I’m not talking about footwear as women are very particular about the footwear. But the one small yet important accessory that suffers big time is usually the handbag. Most of women usually hoard on different types and kids of bags. However, the majority of them will opt for one or eventually two bags to stick them on a regular basis. Sticking to a favorite bag is recommended, especially if the bag you have is from the top-notch fashion industry. The woman’s logic is this time right: if I’m going to carry just one bag, I’ll make sure I am carrying the one that will help me express the way I look and walk. It’s easy to do that as a designer bag is the bag that will never let you down.

As the fashion always goes the designer way (at the end of the day, designers are the initiators of the industry), it doesn’t always adhere to branded shoes, clothes or accessories. Every fashion guru out there spends hours scrounging through the most sought brands in order to find the ultimate handbag for every woman for any occasion. That said, every designer out there has something special to offer. Doesn’t matter if you are interested in YSL bags or just cheap coach bags, every designer out there offer some low-hanging fruit you can catch. You don’t have to go for cheap bags, but rather you need to shop wisely. I’ll mention below some key factors when choosing between several designer brands.

For example, go for the Calvin Klein bag or LV bag if you are a fan of clutch bags. In addition, if you want to achieve a classic look always go for a long-frame based handbag. As the CK’s bags are of a sleek and smooth clasp, they are like the icing on the cake to achieve a retro style.

If you are looking for a spacious bag that’s also featuring a chic finesse, go for a Prada bag or a Marc Jacobs bag. Prada bag is a bag with an elegant center and top stitched detailing. Prada cares about functionality of their products, so if you are looking for a bag when you are on the go, go for a bag that comes with the magnetic snap closing for quick access.

Following that designer bags are usually on a pricey side, you may want to stalk designer boutiques. It might sound weird, but it is actually true. While you might not believe this, but premium boutiques have discounts too. If you do not visit them regularly or you are not on their mailing list, then probably you have missed a lot of deals. Keep an eye out for mini-sized notices they put on their windows. If you are lucky enough, you may catch a sale with up to 30% off and on that way get a bargain with ease. Additionally, there is no fear that they will rip you off as they are authorized sellers.


How To Become A Handbag Designer

Admit it, it would be so fascinating to have your own line of handbag products enjoyed by many women all around the world and mentioned by the top fashion gurus in the industry. Just imagine how it would feel like to see your bags are being worn by celebrities and actors on the red carpet. You and your designs are in the headlines of the most popular design and fashion magazines. It is such an awesome feeling, right? Even if it is just a dream, you can feel the tinglings all over your body. Well, I have good news for you. The reality always starts with dreams. That said, you can turn yourself into the real person you always wanted to be. However, dreaming isn’t enough. You need to start acting upon your dreams and watch your steps towards the top you are seeking for. Based on her own present and past experiences, Sevda from London brings you some important points in order to help you set up your designer business.

In the first place, you’ll need to get a proper fashion education. It doesn’t even matter if you are a professional who is interested in changing the direction of your career or someone who is just starting out, you’ll need a professional expertise to push you forward. That said, you’ll need to learn basics of Marc Jacobs bags, Fendi bags, Burberry bags and other designer bags in order to get the grasp of the fashion design of the modern age. As there is always a lot to earn from professional designers in the field, you will be more than happy to have someone to lead you through the first beginners step.

Next, plan out your business. It is of the essential nature to have a realistic business plan when you are starting your business in the field of handbags and bags for women. In other words, ask yourself what are the differences between the bag you have produced and a Michael Kors bag. Who is your targeted customer and what needs your customers have? Research the market and position yourself in the market among other brands. Recognize your competitors and always be aware what strategies your competitors are using to get their name out. As you know, the love for handbags shown by women may be seen in the thousands they are willing to spend for a real thing. As it is a huge industry, you’ll need to catch the main key that keeps this love affair going on.

In addition, it is advised to have a business model or a mentor to help you out and push you towards reaching your goal. Statistics tell us that about 7, out of 10 businesses, will fail within the first three years. That’s why you need to reduce the risk of failure as much as you can by having a mentor and decent business model to lean on.

Visit the trend-setter shows in order to get the needed information and come up with new fabulous ideas you can turn into your handbag designs. If you want to be a leading designer, you should visit at least seasonal exhibition shows in Italy and France. That way you’ll be able know what materials you need and what shapes you can apply onto your new collection. In addition, it’s advised to read fashion magazines, be active in media and follow up trends in your industry.

If you have done your market research, I guess it is time to set your goals and take your business to the highest level. As the perception and message delivery means pretty much everything in the fashion industry, you’ll need to work with a professional photographer and web developer to get the message through. That said, if you don’t invest in a good quality photography catalogue and your online website, you will probably make it next to impossible to advance in the industry.

Gucci or Louis Vuitton? Or maybe something else…?

I remember very well the first time I bought a luxury bag. It was a Vuitton’s bag. I bought the bag 12 years ago. At the time my friend thought I was crazy. I paid for the bag around $600 at the Louis Vuitton store in California. Now, almost 13 years later I can sell this bag for $400 or maybe even $300. Even if my bag is used, many people won’t mind. There are even specialized companies that will buy your used bags. They usually buy Gucci, Prada or Chanel. Even more, they have an official person who will be able to tell and verify if the bag is original. What I’m trying to say is, very often it is worth to invest in a luxury bag so you can sell it a couple of years later for almost the same price you initially bought the bag.

Louis Vuitton bags, compared to a classic Prada bag, are in a new league of expectation and creativity. That said, only a few of the bags will be created as buyers don’t want something that millions of other people will have. Generally speaking, ladies usually desire more than something that looks just excellent and simple. Most women are looking for bags that have tiny pockets everywhere making life slightly less complicated. One of the latest hand bags by LV is surely the W Bag. It has been seen in the arms of Michelle Williams. Even though there are no cheap Louis Vuitton bags, this one is very luxurious yet affordable for people who are looking for the real thing. Even though the handbag doesn’t come with a full logo engraved on the bag, there is an iconic logo nicely gracing the gussets of different colorways.

Buying a new bag is a great fun, but it’s even better if the bag you are buying is from Gucci collection. Or at least I have been said so. Namely, Gucci bags are created of most finest materials giving you an opportunity to express yourself in an usual way. Even though a Gucci bag like this may be on a pricey side, many people opt for bags like this because the selection is one that will be long-lasting and – genuine. Most of Gucci bags are going to last for over a decade with ease. Gucci bags are distinguished by how unique and big they are. These bags also come in small and standard sizes but compared to other luxury bags, they are still of bigger size than standard bags. If you are looking for an inexpensive bag by Gucci, you should pay attention to the Gucci bags outlet. They not only offers the extreme-quality replicas, but also some other Gucci-related products. So if you are unable to pay for original one, you should go for an imitation handbag that’s based on every detail of the original Gucci bag.

On the other side, if you are looking for a luxury bag, you may want to check out Michael Kors products. A typical Michael Kors bag is crafted from hand-wearing textured leather materials and the sides can be pulled out in order to create a trapeze shape. This manufacturer combines trendy style with functional qualities. These bags are timeless, unassuming and classic. Tasteful bags can set every females heart alight as well as seeing smile is inevitable.

Now, you just have to decide which bag you are going to purchase for yourself or the person you love.

Tips When Shopping For A Luxury Bag

Without any doubt, it’s noticeable there is some kind of economic downturn all over the United States these days. That’s why many folks are interested in taking care of their pockets and controlling their budget. Many women are aware of the recent economic crisis. However, their love with the latest fashion trends is increasing. Designer bags are still the most expensive outfit accessories for many women. These handbags usually come in a plethora of styles, colors and varieties. If you are in the situation of having a low bank balance but you have noticed a designer piece you would like to put your hands on, what would you do? Below are outlined some facts and tips when purchasing for a new handbag. There are also discussed several ways on how to save money on shopping for designer top-notch bags and accessories.

In the first place, I must agree that nowadays teens want designer-labeled products. In fact, this phenomenon is not something new as teens either beg or work hard for a Chanel bag. However, as many parents simply can’t say no, many teens get designer bags for free. Basically it’s the job of a teenager to push and the job of his parents is to set boundaries. Which they rarely do. What I’m saying is, why does your 16 year old daughter have to own a $500 bag before she doesn’t even know what responsibility is. Where does it end considering that even else in a life of a teenager may be down hill in comparison. So, at the end of the day, it is very important to say “no” sometimes.

Secondly, it is important to know when and where to buy a designer bag. There is a plethora of Prada bags, Miche bags or LV bags. That said, you need to buy a bag at an affordable price. If you can’t afford a Prada bag, go for Garment bag. Don’t go after the name, go after the price and quality of the product. However, if you really want a designer bag that looks like the original bag, go for a replica handbag. There are tons of replica bags available that look exactly just as the original designer pieces. These imitation bags are one of the most demanded products in todays market.

Many women are hooked in purchasing various designer brands. If you are one of these women, make sure to take care of your bag. You should learn how to protect your bag from tears and damages all the time. Primarily, this can be done through storing your bag in a well-protected area. That said, it’s best to store your favorite bag in a dust bag or pillowcase. Surely, most of the super-quality bags have their own cover-up for storage purposes. However, sometimes it might not be enough to keep away filth, insects and grime entering and damaging your bag. That’s why you should store your bag in a spacious cabinet. Storing your bag on a spacious place matters as you’ll avoid potential scratches and marks that might occur if your bag is placed under tons of other stuff.

What also matters is ability to spot a fake designer bag. As Prada is a synonymous with luxury and top-notch style, it would be astonishing to buy a Prada bag just to find out it is a fake one.  You may not even notice that a fake Prada bag usually would have a misaligned or “missy” stitching. In addition, if your Prada doesn’t say inside the bag “Made in Italy”, then my friend, I may have bad news for you.

Influence Of Luxury Bags On Women And Relationships

bolidegardenpartyEven though many luxury brands are raising the prices of their products, a recent study by Euromonitor tells us sales of high-branded goods grew by about 3% in the past years annually. This might mean individuals are spending more and more on highly-priced products but it also might mean people are buying more goods from so-called budget-friendly luxury brands. There are many luxury brands to speak of: Gucci bags or Celine bags are surely two high-branded profiles in the industry of fashion bags.

Generally speaking, luxury products are signaling high position or sometimes just a great taste and symbol of personality. At this point, experts are able to estimate why people, especially women, are driven to desire this kind of products. It doesn’t mean if the woman is having a desire for a Duffle bag or Miche bag, what matters is – value. Hermes stated there are three determinants of value that usually may affect collectibles: desirability, condition and rarity.

Assuming Hermes’ analysis is proper, it would mean this is a signal that the signaling system will stay probably practical for upcoming years, as women are becoming more financially independent, and as well, they will be able to buy expensive items for themselves.

On the other side, over 60% percent of women believe expensive items like Louis Vuitton bags are signaling to other women that their husband cares about them, while over 50% women believe an expensive item is displaying a sign of their husband’s commitment. As expected, a woman wearing expensive clothes and bags is perceived by other women as having a very devoted partner than a woman wearing low-brand goods and items. This strategy is actually very effective, as it seems because women don’t pursue guys who are already devoted to another woman.

There are different ways to spot a fake luxury handbag. Here are a couple of tips how to spot a fake bag. In the first place, luxury bags are made of quality materials and with proper lining, embossing codes and features. For example, if you bought a Gucci bag, you should know the Gucci’s logo should line up symmetrically. Every single Dior bag come with a white cotton bag with gray writing. The serial no. is located on the label. Generally speaking, fit and finish is a key. A luxury bag never will have sloppy sewing or seams, even inside. If the leather isn’t have as it should be, your bag may be fake.

Americans spend over USD 250 billion on luxury for women every year, with the average woman buying three new bags every single year. That’s probably unnecessary as a good bag will last for years. By some studies, a designer bag or high-end items in general can play a great role in a romantic relationship.

For some people, it may be an issue to travel with their luxury bags. Depending on the destination, many people do not even think about bringing any of theirs expensive items or high-labeled brands with them. As luxury bags are usually large, heavy and always – expensive, it may be tempting to place them in checked baggage. That’s why it’s better to go for a cheap bag when traveling on a long distance.

Tips On How To Properly Pack Your Bags

Whether you are flying abroad or cross-country for a wedding or taking a trip to a foreign country, you have got to pack your bags. That said, packing bags usually is a source of unwanted worries, especially if you are disorganized or clueless as to how you should manage your bags. But do not worry, we have got you covered. Following are a couple of suggestions and advices for better organizing your bags.

Organize your clothes within your bag

Even if you got an outstanding Celine bag, you still have to organize your clothes. That said, if you are one of those people who open the bag the moment they walk in and just grab randomly what they need, you’ll end up with a mess in your room. Avoid doing this with a simple change: stop throwing your Chanel bags and clothes around. It’s time for a change. Instead what you need to do is to organize your clothes in multiple compartments within your bag. In addition, we suggest organizing clothes in a couple of groups. For example, put all bottoms in one compartment of your bag, bottoms in another, underwear in yet another… You get the point, right?

Compress your items

Do you ever feel you have just got too much items and stuff into your small Birkin bag? We all do. Nonetheless, one can make it if the bag is flattened using a tool known as clothing folder. These enable one to pack down clothings into wrinkle-free compartments that may help save the space.

Prepare for your destination

This is probably the best tip you can get – research the weather of the place you’ll be visiting. Make sure you have an understanding what you’ll need there so you can know what you’ll need to pack into your tote bags. Take in consideration the activities you’ll be doing there – maybe you’ll need a ball or hiking boots. Either way, it’s best to properly plan your trip in order to bring with you only the stuff you actually need.

Pack light stuff

Unless you are staying for a really long time, it’s advised to put only light and needed items. In addition, you’ll need to check airline’s luggage and weight restrictions before you decide to go out and buy a ton of new items you want to carry with you. If you really want to save space, you may want to fill little bottles with your favorite lotion, shampoo and shower gel. It’s an excellent way to save space as you’ll carry with you only as much as you’ll be needing when you arrive. If you are planning to stay like a day or two, you should fully charge your batteries so you don’t have to carry chargers and adapters with you.

Coach bags and Chanel bags

If you are looking for a spacious yet high-branded bag, I’d recommend you to go for Coach bags or Chanel bags. These bags are spacious yet very useful when traveling as you can put a lot of stuff within the bag.

Track your bags

Finally, there is a product you can use to track your bag from inside. It’s called LugLoc and it can help you locate your bag using GSM technology. With this innovative technology, losing a bag is no longer a worry, especially if you are carrying with you a labeled bag such as Birkin bag is.