How To Become A Handbag Designer

Admit it, it would be so fascinating to have your own line of handbag products enjoyed by many women all around the world and mentioned by the top fashion gurus in the industry. Just imagine how it would feel like to see your bags are being worn by celebrities and actors on the red carpet. You and your designs are in the headlines of the most popular design and fashion magazines. It is such an awesome feeling, right? Even if it is just a dream, you can feel the tinglings all over your body. Well, I have good news for you. The reality always starts with dreams. That said, you can turn yourself into the real person you always wanted to be. However, dreaming isn’t enough. You need to start acting upon your dreams and watch your steps towards the top you are seeking for. Based on her own present and past experiences, Sevda from London brings you some important points in order to help you set up your designer business.

In the first place, you’ll need to get a proper fashion education. It doesn’t even matter if you are a professional who is interested in changing the direction of your career or someone who is just starting out, you’ll need a professional expertise to push you forward. That said, you’ll need to learn basics of Marc Jacobs bags, Fendi bags, Burberry bags and other designer bags in order to get the grasp of the fashion design of the modern age. As there is always a lot to earn from professional designers in the field, you will be more than happy to have someone to lead you through the first beginners step.

Next, plan out your business. It is of the essential nature to have a realistic business plan when you are starting your business in the field of handbags and bags for women. In other words, ask yourself what are the differences between the bag you have produced and a Michael Kors bag. Who is your targeted customer and what needs your customers have? Research the market and position yourself in the market among other brands. Recognize your competitors and always be aware what strategies your competitors are using to get their name out. As you know, the love for handbags shown by women may be seen in the thousands they are willing to spend for a real thing. As it is a huge industry, you’ll need to catch the main key that keeps this love affair going on.

In addition, it is advised to have a business model or a mentor to help you out and push you towards reaching your goal. Statistics tell us that about 7, out of 10 businesses, will fail within the first three years. That’s why you need to reduce the risk of failure as much as you can by having a mentor and decent business model to lean on.

Visit the trend-setter shows in order to get the needed information and come up with new fabulous ideas you can turn into your handbag designs. If you want to be a leading designer, you should visit at least seasonal exhibition shows in Italy and France. That way you’ll be able know what materials you need and what shapes you can apply onto your new collection. In addition, it’s advised to read fashion magazines, be active in media and follow up trends in your industry.

If you have done your market research, I guess it is time to set your goals and take your business to the highest level. As the perception and message delivery means pretty much everything in the fashion industry, you’ll need to work with a professional photographer and web developer to get the message through. That said, if you don’t invest in a good quality photography catalogue and your online website, you will probably make it next to impossible to advance in the industry.


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