Gucci or Louis Vuitton? Or maybe something else…?

I remember very well the first time I bought a luxury bag. It was a Vuitton’s bag. I bought the bag 12 years ago. At the time my friend thought I was crazy. I paid for the bag around $600 at the Louis Vuitton store in California. Now, almost 13 years later I can sell this bag for $400 or maybe even $300. Even if my bag is used, many people won’t mind. There are even specialized companies that will buy your used bags. They usually buy Gucci, Prada or Chanel. Even more, they have an official person who will be able to tell and verify if the bag is original. What I’m trying to say is, very often it is worth to invest in a luxury bag so you can sell it a couple of years later for almost the same price you initially bought the bag.

Louis Vuitton bags, compared to a classic Prada bag, are in a new league of expectation and creativity. That said, only a few of the bags will be created as buyers don’t want something that millions of other people will have. Generally speaking, ladies usually desire more than something that looks just excellent and simple. Most women are looking for bags that have tiny pockets everywhere making life slightly less complicated. One of the latest hand bags by LV is surely the W Bag. It has been seen in the arms of Michelle Williams. Even though there are no cheap Louis Vuitton bags, this one is very luxurious yet affordable for people who are looking for the real thing. Even though the handbag doesn’t come with a full logo engraved on the bag, there is an iconic logo nicely gracing the gussets of different colorways.

Buying a new bag is a great fun, but it’s even better if the bag you are buying is from Gucci collection. Or at least I have been said so. Namely, Gucci bags are created of most finest materials giving you an opportunity to express yourself in an usual way. Even though a Gucci bag like this may be on a pricey side, many people opt for bags like this because the selection is one that will be long-lasting and – genuine. Most of Gucci bags are going to last for over a decade with ease. Gucci bags are distinguished by how unique and big they are. These bags also come in small and standard sizes but compared to other luxury bags, they are still of bigger size than standard bags. If you are looking for an inexpensive bag by Gucci, you should pay attention to the Gucci bags outlet. They not only offers the extreme-quality replicas, but also some other Gucci-related products. So if you are unable to pay for original one, you should go for an imitation handbag that’s based on every detail of the original Gucci bag.

On the other side, if you are looking for a luxury bag, you may want to check out Michael Kors products. A typical Michael Kors bag is crafted from hand-wearing textured leather materials and the sides can be pulled out in order to create a trapeze shape. This manufacturer combines trendy style with functional qualities. These bags are timeless, unassuming and classic. Tasteful bags can set every females heart alight as well as seeing smile is inevitable.

Now, you just have to decide which bag you are going to purchase for yourself or the person you love.


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