Tips On How To Properly Pack Your Bags

Whether you are flying abroad or cross-country for a wedding or taking a trip to a foreign country, you have got to pack your bags. That said, packing bags usually is a source of unwanted worries, especially if you are disorganized or clueless as to how you should manage your bags. But do not worry, we have got you covered. Following are a couple of suggestions and advices for better organizing your bags.

Organize your clothes within your bag

Even if you got an outstanding Celine bag, you still have to organize your clothes. That said, if you are one of those people who open the bag the moment they walk in and just grab randomly what they need, you’ll end up with a mess in your room. Avoid doing this with a simple change: stop throwing your Chanel bags and clothes around. It’s time for a change. Instead what you need to do is to organize your clothes in multiple compartments within your bag. In addition, we suggest organizing clothes in a couple of groups. For example, put all bottoms in one compartment of your bag, bottoms in another, underwear in yet another… You get the point, right?

Compress your items

Do you ever feel you have just got too much items and stuff into your small Birkin bag? We all do. Nonetheless, one can make it if the bag is flattened using a tool known as clothing folder. These enable one to pack down clothings into wrinkle-free compartments that may help save the space.

Prepare for your destination

This is probably the best tip you can get – research the weather of the place you’ll be visiting. Make sure you have an understanding what you’ll need there so you can know what you’ll need to pack into your tote bags. Take in consideration the activities you’ll be doing there – maybe you’ll need a ball or hiking boots. Either way, it’s best to properly plan your trip in order to bring with you only the stuff you actually need.

Pack light stuff

Unless you are staying for a really long time, it’s advised to put only light and needed items. In addition, you’ll need to check airline’s luggage and weight restrictions before you decide to go out and buy a ton of new items you want to carry with you. If you really want to save space, you may want to fill little bottles with your favorite lotion, shampoo and shower gel. It’s an excellent way to save space as you’ll carry with you only as much as you’ll be needing when you arrive. If you are planning to stay like a day or two, you should fully charge your batteries so you don’t have to carry chargers and adapters with you.

Coach bags and Chanel bags

If you are looking for a spacious yet high-branded bag, I’d recommend you to go for Coach bags or Chanel bags. These bags are spacious yet very useful when traveling as you can put a lot of stuff within the bag.

Track your bags

Finally, there is a product you can use to track your bag from inside. It’s called LugLoc and it can help you locate your bag using GSM technology. With this innovative technology, losing a bag is no longer a worry, especially if you are carrying with you a labeled bag such as Birkin bag is.


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